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***Begin Transmission***

Hello, I am the Grand Lord Lunar Xavier, of Lost Tribe of Sith. Our Ship has crashed on Kesh after detaching from the main fleet, We have already conquered this planet, for the natives think us "Skyborn." We have constructed a temple out of our ship that crashed here and have made a society and ranks among ourselves. We will be able to launch and reach the main armada very soon. For now If there is anyone out there who would like to join our tribe, A new breed of sith. We would appreciate the help. We are also Hiring Imperial Agents and Bounty hunters to assist in other operations. Not much time left... Merely send a transmission to me or one of the other Lords to see how you can get involved.

***Transmission disconnected***

Make sure when you apply to answer all of the questions and within an hour or two you will be accepted or denied. After you are accepted please post a character sheet and add your name to the roster. If you have an Alt you also wish to join add it to the roster, you may also need to make another character sheet if you plan to Role Play with it. If you mess up on your Character you can always go to your profile and edit/delete it.

We have meetings every single Saturday unless I post otherwise. We have the guild rules and raidcall to the left side their under information. The meetings unless posted otherwise will be in the Sith Santum on Dromund Kaas at 10:00 PM EST (9:00 CST/7:00 PST)
Guild News

Guild Meeting 1/21/2012

Zarith, Jan 21, 12 1:03 AM.
There will be a guild meeting held Saturday, 1/2/2012 at 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST / 7 PM PST  It will be on Dormund Kaas in the Sith Sanctum. If you're not sure how to get to the meeting, whisper Hal'anun, Zarith, or any other guild member that may know.

Topics include:

  • RPing
  • RaidCall use
  • Being active
More will probably be discussed. However, those are just a few topics to look forward to.
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